Jon Zucker

Comedian, Writer, and Nice Boy

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Jon Zucker is a comedian, writer, and nice person! He's performed in Gilda's Laughfest, Hell Yes Fest, the Sonoma Laughfest, and all over Los Angeles. As a stand up, he's performed with Matt Braunger, Kyle Kinane, Alice Wetterlund, Emily Heller, Eric Andre, and many other people he thinks are real great. As a writer, he co-wrote a play called "Don't Talk About It: A Story of Racism in Liberal California" that got produced at the UCB theater. As a director, his short film "Holding" recently won the Audience Award for best short film at the Indie Street Film Festival. Every month, he co-hosts Arts and Crafts, a show where an artist creates something unique by using stand up as inspiration. The background of this site is him as a fat child. He thinks you're great just the way you are.